Bergensbaneløpet in English 🇬🇧

Bergensbaneløpet (Translated to: The Bergen Railway Relay), or often BBL, is an annual relay between the two largest business schools in Norway, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen and BI Norwegian Business School (BI) in Oslo. It is hence a race that holds much prestige, which is clearly manifested through the will and enthusiasm to compete among the students. Each spring more than 100 runners from each school gather to outrun their arch rival school, and each spring there is one winner and one runner-up. As the race has grown and evolved, both schools now even have their own respective supporter groups, who join in on the fun, and take part in creating the special atmosphere that essentially is BBL. The relay was arranged for the first time in 1973, which means that this year will be the 48th race in BBL history.

The race follows the railway track from Bergen to Oslo, in Norwegian called “Bergensbanen”, where legs are divided by gender and range from 1-6 km. The relay runs throughout the day, with occasional (and much appreciated) stops for lunch, dinner and sleep. When reaching Oslo, three days of sportsmanship, friendship, laughter, beautiful views of Norwegian mountain scenery and social activities will culminate in a banquet for all relay participants. Do not miss out on this one!

The craziest adventure of spring (Vårens sprøeste eventyr) will start in Bergen April 12th and end in Oslo April 14th.