Bergensbaneløpet in English 🇬🇧

What is Bergensbaneløpet?

Bergensbaneløpet (Translated to: The Bergen Railway Relay) is an annual relay race where students from the two largest business schools in the country, BI Norwegian Business School and the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), compete to be the fastest on foot across the mountains. The relay alternates every other year between Oslo-Bergen and Bergen-Oslo, making it the longest of its kind. The relay is organized by a relay committee, abbreviated as "StafKom," at each school.

Bergensbaneløpet usually takes place around the month transition of March/April each year. It spans three days of running and concludes with a grand banquet at one of the schools. Both teams have 100 runners, each running one leg of varying length and altitude difference. In addition to the runners, both BI and NHH have their own support crews along for the entire journey, which greatly contributes to maintaining high spirits and morale.


The relay was first organized in 1973 and had its origins in the EC referendum the previous year. At NHH, there was significant disagreement on the issue, creating a rather tense atmosphere among the engaged students. Eventually, two groups formed: one in favor and one against, with their respective leaders being Jan R. Stavik and Alf Hildrum. However, after the referendum, the two agreed that it was foolish to spend so much time and energy fighting against fellow students - these forces should instead be united to compete against BI in some way. The result was the event that has since become known as the Bergen Railway Relay.

There have been some changes since the first relay took place in 1973. Back then, the runners started at Universitetsplassen in Oslo, and the relay was called the "Kienzle Relay," as the Kienzle data firm was the main sponsor. In 1984, DnC took over as the main sponsor. Every year until 1977, the relay went from Oslo to Bergen. Now, the relay goes from Bergen to Oslo every odd year and from Oslo to Bergen every even year.

The relay was originally between the business economics students at BI Sandvika and NHH, but after the move from Sandvika to Nydalen, the traditions have been continued by BI Oslo. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of students and quota runners participating, but there is still a majority of business economics students.

Initially, the relay also ran continuously day and night with very few stops along the way, but now it is run over three days with several stops.


Out of a total of 49 races, NHH has won 40 times and BI nine times.